“Mr. Beam” receives the Nobel Prize in Stockholm


Viennese scientist Anton Zeilinger was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics on Saturday for his experiments with entangled photons. The “Krone” met him before the award ceremony at his hotel in Stockholm.

Anton Zeilinger hurtles through the center of Stockholm at minus 6 degrees Celsius. His schedule is tight. Even if the scientist is called “Mr. Beam” because of his research, he must continue to move conventionally. His next destination: his current home, the Grand Hotel. There, the top physicist took his time on Friday for the “Krone”.

Since October 4, nothing has been the same for the Viennese as before, the researcher with the bushy beard reveals. Because two months ago, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced that the 77-year-old, together with the Frenchman Alain Aspect and his American colleague John Clauser, will receive the Nobel Prize for physics, to which 920,000 euros has been awarded.

“Venus of Willendorf” is decisive
Bizarre: Crucial to his research was a naked woman, the “Venus von Willendorf”. He encrypted a picture of the character using a quantum cryptographic method.

Arriving at the Grand Hotel, he first treats himself to a snack. “It’s really stressful here, but it fits,” Zeilinger summarizes Nobel Week. The researcher jokingly says that he and his family will stay at the Grand Hotel until his prize money runs out. Then the 77-year-old would also have time to enjoy the excellent spa of the luxury residence.

Lower Austrian wrote certificates
Saturday from 4 p.m. the time has come in any case: the Swedish king Carl XVI. Gustaf presents the Viennese and the other prize winners with the medal, the prize money and a certificate.

By the way: Annika Rücker from Hagenbrunn (Lower Austria) wrote the winners’ certificates for 25 years. “Because of my age, I stopped four years ago,” says the 80-year-old. For a compatriot she would have liked to wave her valuable pen once more.

Source: Krone


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