Terror Trial – Simple Book Return or Planned Murder?


Two other defendants in the major terror trial surrounding the assassination attempt in Vienna’s inner city speak. Both would have been in Kujtim F.’s apartment minutes before the attack. Minutes before the killer killed four people and injured many more.

In the last few days of the negotiations, the arms dealer and two alleged supporters of the Viennese assassin were questioned – they allegedly helped organize and supervise the purchase of the weapons. The two suspects, who are now being questioned by the court, are said to have helped in the preparations and target selection for the attack. Both would know Kujtim F. longer, were even friends.

Regular contact with shooters of terrorist attacks
The president of the court first wants to know what the personal relationship of the men is with the second 22-year-old defendant. He doesn’t want to know the arms dealer and the fourth defendant at all. He knew the 23-year-old, who would have traveled to Slovakia with Kujtim F., and the alleged organizer of the arms purchase only very briefly. He was taller and good friends with the third suspect. Just like with the assassin. The two had regular contact.

“Arrived and Growed a Beard”
The judge would like to know about the radicalization of the later shooter: “Have you noticed how Kujtim has changed?” – “He gained weight and grew a beard. That’s normal at that age,” said the second defendant. But he says he knew nothing about an attack plan, even though he had visited the gunman on November 2, 2020 minutes before the massacre.

The 22-year-old only wanted to give him back a book. “He wanted it back that same day,” the defendant recalled. You would have met in the hallway, talked briefly, and said goodbye again. There was no mention of the planned murder.

IS images found on mobile phone
On the question of his own religious attitude: “Strict”, but not radical. Image and video images found on the 22-year-old’s mobile phone give a different picture. He blames the storage of IS propaganda on youthful carelessness.

Source: Krone


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