New wave of attacks – Zelenskyj tense: “The worst is near”


In Ukraine, one should not count on Easter peace, Russia has long been preparing a new wave of attacks – reported the “Krone”. The Ukrainian president is getting frustrated – in an interview he explained the current situation of his compatriots.

Numerous heads of state and government from the West have paid a visit to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in recent weeks. As a sign of solidarity and to let Ukraine know: “You are not alone.” The president thanked him for this, but now said in an interview with American political magazine “The Atlantic”: “I’m just starting to feel like Bill Murray on Groundhog Day…”

Selenskyj is frustrated by repeated requests for its wish list for weapons systems. “When some leaders ask me what weapons I need, I need a moment to calm down, because I told them that the week before.”

Moments later, an adviser to the president sent the magazine a specific list of weapons they needed. Including German and American tanks, anti-aircraft systems, rocket launchers, as much artillery and ammunition as possible.

Zelenskyj gets personal: “I think of my daughter”
Zelenskyy says he knows these people are on our side. You just live in another world. “You have not lost any children, parents or loved ones. They don’t know how we’re doing,” he said. In the conversation, Zelensky gets personal: “I have an 18-year-old daughter.” When he imagines what happened to her, what happened to many women in Ukraine, he could not think of peace. “Then I want to find these people.” What will he do then? “All.”

That’s how many in his country think. The small victories bring no satisfaction, because they have been bought at a high price, says Selenskyj. “Winning is a matter of existence for us.”

“They will kill us. Wwe will kill them.”
SelenskyjNor does he share the optimism that is growing in the West and also in parts of Ukraine. That Russia was beaten back: “The worst is yet to come,” he says. Even at Easter there will be no peace. “They will kill us. And we will kill them.”

Russia resumes missile strikes on major cities in Ukraine. There were explosions in the capital Kiev and in Lviv, and Kharkov in the east of the country also hit more and more rockets.

Source: Krone


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