Seriously injured – student (13) crashed after panic during Krampus run


A 13-year-old high school student was seriously injured after jumping into the stairwell of the BRG Bad Ischl. An investigation must now determine whether a Krampus is to blame.

Elbow shattered, fingers injured, nose broken – a 13-year-old schoolboy jumped from the third to the second floor or fell on the BRG Bad Ischl. Presumably on the run because he was so scared of the two Krampus who were at school on December 5, he panicked and jumped over the railing.

Participation not required
The information about the course of the accident differs. “We assume it was an accident,” says the education department, and the principal tries to calm down: “No one had to go to the Krampus. The doors to the classrooms were open, anyone who wanted to go into the hallway was allowed to do so. No one was forced. ”

parents not informed
The “Kramperl” were supposed to be at the school, but the parents had not been notified in advance. “There were precise rules of the game. There were two students in the costumes and there were teachers as chaperones” – the school wrote a report to the Directorate of Education, but there is no official report. “I’m in contact with the lawyers,” says the director.

It is not yet clear whether a Krampus ran after the 13-year-old or not. Everything happened so fast that the teachers could no longer prevent the crash. The school doctor who was in the house eventually alerted the rescue team, who took the seriously injured boy to hospital. “He is looking forward to going back to school,” says the headmistress – and she wants to explain exactly what happened.

“Krone” commentary: Examine yourself or cover it up
The accident in the BRG Bad Ischl was ten days ago – and there is no advertisement. The director does not see it as her duty, insurance or legal guardians should do this. The incident would be clarified at school and those involved would be addressed. In addition, the police do not visit every gymnastics accident. If my son breaks his foot doing gymnastics, I don’t need the police. But if he falls over the banister at school, I want an independent statement. Doesn’t mean anyone is guilty, but that shouldn’t be investigated internally. Otherwise, the suspicion of a cover-up will remain.

Source: Krone


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