Explosive youth research – ‘Young people are fighting for their existence’


Life Creator director Heinz Herzceg makes people sit up and pay attention in the krone.tv interview with content from his current youth research on the attitudes of local youth.

“Young people experience more stress and lack of motivation than a year ago. The self-doubt factor has increased the most, especially among older young people aged 19 to 29. However, for students the value is highest among all young people who are following a course somewhere, while it is lowest for pupils. This means that students have the most confidence that what they are doing is the right thing,” says Heinz Herzceg.

Herczeg’s verdict: “For me, teaching is the solution. For me as a father of three young children, but also for many young people who are a bit lost in the educational system. Some of them fail to complete school and therefore doubt themselves and their self-esteem decreases. The topic of money and apprenticeships, i.e. training where money can be earned, is currently a big hit among young people.”

At the moment, the subject combination of money and social security is also very important. Herczeg: “For more than 50 percent, the money issue is about securing their livelihood. Not like previous generations, where money meant achieving your life’s dreams or making a holiday possible. Now things are different, it’s about securing livelihoods. 40 percent of students see their studies at risk because they can no longer afford to study.”

The climate protection factor has also decreased in the value canon: “You can conclude from the research results that topics such as family, trust and self-realization are more important than the topics of environmental protection and climate. But what you can see is that the climate issue is worrying.”

Environmental disasters and climate are the three main topics of concern. Do you just want to do something about it? Rather not. Because in the resolutions for 2024, the point ‘living a little more climate-consciously’ is the last point with only 13 percent.

I always say: “The shirt is much closer to the people today than anything else. “People are fighting for their existence, and issues like climate protection are far from their concern,” says Heinz Herzceg.

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Source: Krone


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