Use in Switzerland – Half a ton of cannabis smuggled in barrels


A Dutchman chose a not so good hiding place for his contraband: he tried to transport more than half a ton of cannabis in dozens of barrels in a van to Switzerland. The illegal shipment was eventually discovered during a routine check.

The police of the canton of Uri made a big catch at the end of August, as has now been reported: when they stopped a 45-year-old driver while he was driving through the canton during a heavy traffic stop, the officers noticed more than just technical problems. defects in the vehicle. But that’s not all: the Dutchman’s load was also heavy.

Arrested and ordered into custody
As much as 565 kilograms of cannabis was discovered in 49 blue barrels. The driver was arrested and taken into custody at the request of the Uri Public Prosecutor’s Office, Swiss media reported. The police are investigating.

Source: Krone


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