Uproar in interview – Beijing is in turmoil over Baerbock’s announcement of a ‘dictator’


There is currently enormous political tension between Germany and China. So much so that Beijing has decided to summon the German ambassador to the Foreign Ministry. This was preceded by rarely clear words from the German chief diplomat.

A Foreign Ministry spokesperson confirmed the Chinese call for order in Berlin on Monday. Ambassador Patricia Flor was summoned in connection with the fact that Baerbock had described Chinese President Xi Jinping as a ‘dictator’.

China sharply rejected the comments made by Germany’s chief diplomat. The Foreign Ministry in Beijing said on Monday that the government was extremely dissatisfied with the Green politician’s comment. This statement is absurd and seriously violates China’s dignity. It is an ‘open political provocation’.

Interview with Fox News creates excitement
Baerbock gave an interview to Fox News last week as part of her trip to the US. In it, she said that Germany would support Ukraine “for as long as necessary.” And she reasoned: If Russian President Vladimir Putin wins this war, “what kind of sign would that be for other dictators in the world like Xi, like the Chinese president?” she asked.

China has been flirting with the violent subjugation of Taiwan for years. Ultimately becoming clearer. Xi ordered more than a hundred Chinese military aircraft to circle the island in one day. The Chinese army flies into the area almost every day.

“We call on the authorities in Beijing to take their responsibility and immediately stop such unilateral, destructive actions,” Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said. According to the information, forty aircraft flew over the symbolic center line in the Taiwan Strait, the strait between the Republic of Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China. They thus entered the air defense zone in the southeast and southwest of Taiwan.

Beijing is allergic to intervention
Taiwan is part of Chinese territory and there is no so-called median line in the Taiwan Strait, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning said. She referred to the relevant Chinese authorities for further information as this was not a diplomatic matter.

China, ruled by the Communist Party, considers Taiwan, with its population of about 24 million, part of its territory. Beijing therefore reacts sensitively when delegations from other countries visit the country or promise support.

China recently sanctioned two US defense companies for selling weapons to Taiwan, the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced.

The conflict dates back to 1949
Taiwan has had an independent government since 1949. Beijing has often threatened an invasion in the past. Recently, observers assumed that the Chinese military was conducting a major exercise in the western Pacific Ocean, where Taiwan is located. The Chinese Foreign Ministry did not provide any information and called for avoiding provocations that disrupted peace in the Taiwan Strait.

The conflict between Beijing and Taipei goes back to the civil war in China: After the defeat by the communists, the national Chinese government fled with its troops to Taiwan. The island has been independently governed since then, while the Communist People’s Republic was proclaimed in Beijing in 1949.

Baerbock suddenly became tight-lipped
Baerbock responded only very briefly to the criticism from China. “I have taken note of this,” the minister said on Monday during a visit to New York on the occasion of the general UN debate. She declined to comment further on the subject.

Source: Krone


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