US experts sure: – Now “next phase” in the Russian war of aggression


US experts sure: – Now “next phase” in the Russian war of aggression

Russia resumed rocket attacks on major cities in Ukraine on Holy Saturday. There were explosions in the capital Kiev and in Lemberg, in Kharkov in the east of the country, more rockets hit (see video), killed and injured. But: “The worst is yet to come,” says Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy with certainty – US experts share this assessment. According to them, Russia is likely to embark on the next phase of its war of aggression in the coming days.

According to two senior US defense officials, Russia could start returning some of its troops to Ukraine as early as the weekend or early next week. About two weeks ago, the troops withdrew from the Kiev region and the north of the country to Belarus and Russia.

At the time, it was estimated that the Russians wanted to regroup before launching another invasion, which would focus on the Donbass region and southeastern Ukraine. But now, according to information from NBC, US officials believe the offensive could begin before all other troops are ready to fight again. A defense official said on Thursday that Russia has begun moving more equipment, including helicopters, to western Russia.

Governor: Tens of thousands of soldiers gathered in the East
According to the governor of the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine, Russia has also concentrated tens of thousands of soldiers there for an early offensive. In addition, hundreds of technology units were transported to the region, Governor Serhiy Hajdaj said on Saturday, “They already have everything ready for a breakthrough.” Donetsk to launch their attacks. According to weather forecasts, rain should stop in both regions by mid-next week.

Short-range missiles and artillery the new main weapons?
In this new offensive, Russian forces may attempt to encircle Ukrainian fighters along the border between Donbass and the rest of Ukraine. If the military had relied on long-range fire and air strikes in the early weeks of the aggressive war, short-range missiles and artillery could now become the new main weapons.

The problem is not only that the ammunition in Ukraine is running out – the US-promised 40,000 artillery shells would last for up to a week – but also that Ukrainian artillery is outdated or has already been destroyed by the Russians. The 18 howitzers, which were also promised by the US, would help, but Ukraine also relied on ammunition supplies from other countries for these weapons.

“What do you bet we’ll fight for months or years?”
Zelenskyj has already called for more speed in arms deliveries to his country. “From the moment they say we have decided to deliver weapons to Ukraine until our armed forces receive the weapons, it could take two to three weeks,” the head of state said in an interview with Ukrainian internet media on Saturday. The process is taking too long. “What do you count on when we fight for months or years?” Still, Zelenskyj believes Ukraine will have no problem with a lack of weapons in the long run.

Both countries claim to have killed more than 20,000 opponents
More than 23,000 soldiers have been killed on the Ukrainian side since the war started more than seven weeks ago, according to Russian information. Among them are members of the Ukrainian army, the National Guard and mercenaries, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said. Ukraine itself reports that losses in its own ranks are significantly lower.

In an interview published Friday, Zelenskyy spoke of 2,500 to 3,000 Ukrainian soldiers who had been killed. At the same time, Zelenskyj stated that more than 20,000 soldiers had been killed on the Russian side. Moscow, on the other hand, continues to report its own losses at around 1,350.

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