Drama in Schattendorf – beatings in front of a discotheque: second suspect arrested


Dramatic developments in the case of the deceased father of a family (42), who was the victim of an assault during a visit to a nightclub in Burgenland: According to information from “Krone”, the handcuffs clicked on Thursday for a second suspicious night. The arrested person was allegedly involved in a stabbing in downtown Mattersburg in early July.

As reported, the brutal scenes took place on Sunday evening in front of a disco in Schattendorf in the Mattersburg district. A merry Christmas was the order of the day this weekend, followed by a club meeting. Late at night, however, a wild quarrel broke out in front of the entrance.

All help came too late
What started as a fairly innocent battle of words ended in a furious attack. As visitors said, an 18-year-old allegedly assaulted a family man of the club. There was no rescue for the 42-year-old, soon after came the shocking diagnosis of “brain death”.

devices turned off
For the patient in Eisenstadt hospital, who was only kept alive with medical aids, and his family, there was no hope that Jürgen T. would wake up again. On Wednesday, the ventilator was switched off in the presence of the relatives. The funeral service is scheduled for later this year.

From the start, the investigation focused on an 18-year-old Syrian who is considered a prime suspect. The alleged perpetrator has not yet been identified. Now, another crucial breakthrough in research may have been made.

Second suspect known
In the night of Thursday, a second participant was arrested, who could have beaten the father of the family. In July, the 16-year-old was involved in a stabbing in downtown Mattersburg.

During the bloody altercation, the youths attacked a boy and a girl with pepper spray. A 14-year-old pulled a knife and injured his kidneys. Shortly after the assault in the disco in Schattendorf, the suspect was repeatedly mentioned by young guests of the horror night. Now further indications of the shocking act of violence are expected.

Source: Krone


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