Partial level 4 – Tyrol: Good weather worries avalanche experts


“The first day of good weather after a stormy period of precipitation is particularly prone to accidents!” Especially in the western regions of the state, level 4 of the five-part scale prevails.

Within 24 hours, 30 to 50 centimeters of fresh snow fell above about 2400 meters, local lake. On Christmas Day “we are dealing with a difficult avalanche situation for winter sports enthusiasts”, it sounds. It can be assumed that the snow cover is very sensitive to disturbance.

Dangerous places difficult to recognize
Even a single freerider or ski tourer can cause avalanches, especially on very steep western, northern and eastern slopes above about 2400 m and on very steep southern slopes in the high mountains.

“Lavalines can tear through the ground and grow dangerously large, especially in snowy areas. Use caution, especially on ridges, in gullies, potholes and behind terrain edges. The dangerous places are difficult to recognize. Remote release is possible. Great caution and restraint are required,” said the experts of the avalanche warning service.

Level 3 in large parts of Tyrol
In an area with weak old snowpack, a pronounced board had formed due to fresh snow, wind and warming. In the rest of Tyrol there is level 3 in some areas – so considerable danger. “With daily warming and solar radiation, full snow avalanches and wet slides below 2800 m are possible.”

Source: Krone


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