US mother in custody – child (5) acted as a protective shield in car theft


Tennessee’s Bethany Wilson may not be Mother of the Year. When she stole a car armed, she shot at the owners and took her five-year-old child with her as a human shield. Her escape ended when she crashed the car on the highway.

Eventually, the police were able to arrest the 24-year-old. After further investigation, the police reconstructed that the mother had already stolen several cars.

Crazy robbery
First, she allegedly stole a 51-year-old woman’s vehicle at a gas station last Thursday, Clarksville police told local broadcaster WZTV. Wilson reportedly approached the woman as she was filling up the car and pointed a gun at her before driving off in the Nissan.

About half an hour later, police were alerted to gunfire at an intersection where a man said Wilson allegedly stole his Mercedes-Benz. The man told officers she fired a shot and used her five-year-old child as a human shield, WZTV reported.

Police seized both vehicles before reporting another stolen in a nearby neighborhood. Investigators linked Wilson to the theft of a silver pickup truck, which she allegedly crashed on the highway.

Arrested in motel
Officers later found Wilson at a motel and arrested her just before 11 p.m. Her child was with her at the time and was unharmed. It was passed on to Bureau Jeugdzorg. Wilson is charged with aggravated robbery.

Source: Krone


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