Russia continues to ramp up bombing, launching more than 120 missiles at Ukraine


The capital, Kyiv and eight other regions have been attacked with missiles and drones since last night with the aim of further destroying energy infrastructure

Russia is constantly bombing Ukraine. Since last night, the army has launched a wave of artillery and drone strikes, intensified since 8:05 am, on nine regions: Kyiv, Leopolis, Kharkov, Odessa, Zhitomir, Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava, Nicolaiev and Sumy. At present, authorities are listing only three injuries, two adults and one under 14 years old, as a result of the fragments of rockets that fell on two buildings and a leisure park in the Ukrainian capital. However, it is still early to count the whole country. Kharkov mayor Igor Terekhov explained that “information is still being collected about which places were hit and whether there were any casualties. We only know that there is a series of explosions in the city.

The Defense Ministry notes that the invaders have so far launched 120 missiles, accompanied by the launching of kamikaze drones in “multiple waves”. The government assures that the anti-aircraft systems directed by the West “work” and that they were able to shoot down 21 missiles in Odessa, for example. It also ordered the population not to take and publish photos of the targets hit in order to prevent the Russian gunners from getting any clues about the precision of the attacks. Most focused on energy infrastructures. 90% of Lviv is without electricity and the city’s transport, based on a fleet of trams and trolleybuses, is paralyzed. Large parts of Odessa and Poltava are also affected by power outages.

“The goal is to destroy critical infrastructure and kill civilians en masse,” the presidency adviser Mikhailo Podoliak said on Twitter after criticizing Russia for unleashing a hail of missiles while its president, Vladimir Putin, constantly formulates negotiating proposals for peace. “We are waiting for the next proposals from the ‘defenders of peace’ on a ‘peaceful agreement’, ‘security guarantees for Russia’ and on the impropriety of provocations,” Polodiak said.

While the majority of the population of the attacked regions is in the shelters, the Ukrainian army is trying to organize the defense against the bombs. According to military sources, the Russians are firing cruise missiles from planes and ships stationed in the Black Sea, where the Mikolaiv batteries managed to shoot down at least five missiles. Kiev also accuses its enemies of using Iranian-made kamikaze drones, despite Tehran’s government denying that its country supplies Moscow with this type of weapon. Since sunrise. There has also been “great tactical activity” by Russian aviation, possibly aimed at setting new targets for the artillerymen.

Source: La Verdad


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