Sisters died – horror crash in Tyrol: Elmas (27) was pregnant


Two sisters died in a terrible accident on New Year’s Eve in Fernbassstraße near Musau in Tyrol – the “Krone” reported in detail. The two are expected to be buried in Turkey later this week. Particularly tragic: one of them, 27-year-old Elmas, was expecting a child.

Incredible scenes unfolded just a few hours into the New Year in the Reutte district. As reported, two oncoming cars collided on Fernpass road at 3:30 am. Three Turks were in one – two sisters (24, 27) and a man (29). In the other was a German (66) with his passenger (52), who also came from Germany. The two Turkish women were killed in the collision. The 29-year-old and the two Germans suffered serious injuries.

Now more details of this tragedy are coming to light. The two sisters Mirac (24) and Elmas (27) were on their way home from a family visit in Vorarlberg, together with Kamber (29), the husband of the 27-year-old. The fatal accident happened a few kilometers before their destination Reutte, the exact course of which is still being determined.

Sisters are buried in Turkey
Particularly tragic: Elmas was pregnant. She was expecting a child with her husband Kamber. In all likelihood, the two sisters will be transferred to Turkey this week and buried in their parents’ home village in Aksaray province. The father and grandfather of the two Turkish women come from there. The dismay in the province is great, the village head writes on Facebook: “May God have mercy on our deceased brothers and sisters, may they rest in heaven.”

Husband’s health is critical
The sympathy is also enormous in the Ausserfern. Because Mirac and Elmas grew up there and spent all their lives in the Ausserfern. Just a few hours after the accident, numerous members of the Turkish community gathered at the Atib cultural center on Allgäuerstraße to express their sincere condolences to the parents and all their relatives and support them.

The health of Kamber, Elmas’ husband, is still critical, as are those of the two Germans.

Hubert Ehrenreich and Jasmin Steiner

Source: Krone


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