During forestry – cut yourself in the face with a chainsaw


During forestry work in a forest in Weitensfeld in Carinthia, a 53-year-old man was seriously injured on his face by a chainsaw on Wednesday.

De St. Veiter was pruning a spruce about 20 meters long in his forest in the municipality of Weitensfeld on Wednesday at around 2.10 pm. “Suddenly, the spinning chainsaw kicked back, knocking the forest helmet off the 53-year-old’s head and causing him to cut himself in the face,” police said.

screamed for help
A 58-year-old, who was also doing forest work about 50 yards away, heard St. Veiter’s cries for help, immediately administered first aid and alerted the rescue team.

The man was flown by the C11 rescue helicopter to the UKH Klagenfurt with serious facial injuries.

Source: Krone


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