Recovery continues – Dead boy still in concrete pipe in Vietnam


Almost two weeks after a boy fell into a 35-meter-deep concrete pipe at a construction site in Vietnam, the 10-year-old’s body has still not been recovered. The child was pronounced dead 100 hours after the horrific accident and failed attempts to pull the pipe out of the ground.

“We don’t know exactly when we will be able to pull the pipe up. The work is ongoing and the deeper the drilling, the more complex the geology the relief workers will have to deal with,” said Dong Thap province vice chief Doan Tan Boo, Thursday.

Recovery can take weeks
The ground at depth is extremely hard, he explained. “We sent an 80-tonne crane to the construction site, ready to pull up the pipe after the construction crew has cleared the last few feet of soil.” It is unclear whether this will take days or even weeks. Experts from Japan would also assist in the work.

An expert told Vietnamese media that the salvage should not be rushed because there is great frictional resistance at depth – also because the pipeline is closed at the bottom. It could break if the workers don’t act carefully – making salvage much more difficult.

Signs of life of boys only ten minutes after the fall
The disaster in southwest Vietnam made headlines around the world early this year. It is still unclear where exactly little Nam is in the pipe. It is only about 25 centimeters in diameter. Authorities said no one thought a 10-year-old could be trapped that deep in the tube. According to reports, there were only signs of the boy’s life for the first ten minutes after the fall.

Source: Krone


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