Predicament – Biden defends documents found in his garage


Secret government documents were found in the garage of US President Joe Biden on Thursday. At the same time, the Republicans, with their majority in Congress, are investigating Son Hunter.

New spicy revelations provide Republicans with further fodder in their attacks on US President Joe Biden: after secret documents were found in a former Biden cabinet, more secret documents from Biden’s time as Vice President Barack Obama were found in another location – particularly in the President’s garage.

Documents transferred to National Archives
Some of the documents found in the two offices are said to be top secret documents. Joe Biden associates immediately turned the documents over to the National Archives. The American president himself was surprised when the first documents were found. He does not know how the documents got there. After the second find, the White House initially declined to comment.

The president later defended the storage of classified government documents in his garage. “My Corvette (oldtimer type, please note) is in a locked garage.” It is therefore not the case that the documents were on the street. He also admitted that classified information had been found in his “personal library” and was working with the Justice Department on the case. The 80-year-old gave a short speech about inflation a few minutes after the second discovery became known – but was immediately asked about the secret documents by the journalists present.

Not an isolated case
In the United States, government records are generally required to be archived. This is especially embarrassing for Biden, who attacked his predecessor Donald Trump en masse when classified documents from his time as US president were found in his private quarters. Meanwhile, Republicans, with their new majority in the US Congress, will launch an investigation into Biden’s son, Hunter. Hunter Biden is accused of questionable business relationships in Ukraine from the past.

Source: Krone


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