attempted homicide? – Styrian innkeeper accused: “I stab him!”


A Styrian innkeeper attacked his opponent with a butcher knife and must therefore answer in court. He never wanted to hurt anyone, just chase them away. Because he just wanted to be left alone…

A Styrian innkeeper – now head of the prison kitchen – has already been sentenced to eight years in prison for attempted murder and grossly negligent bodily harm. While the latter is already final, the Supreme Court overturned the attempted murder due to a formal error.

I got a butcher’s knife from the inn
Now he was again before the jury in Graz. The story is confused. Presiding Judge Angelika Hacker attempted to structure the crime. For prosecutor Stefan Weinberger it is clear: there was quite a party in a bar, the alcohol was flowing. The accused family man had nothing to do with the future victims. One, however, was accompanied by a waitress he had been eyeing earlier. “I stab him,” the innkeeper is said to have shouted, as confirmed by a witness. Then he ran to his inn next door, picked up a huge butcher’s knife and went into the guest garden, where the action had now shifted.

“I didn’t mean to hurt anyone”
With a straight look, he would have attacked the alleged opponent with the knife in his hand. But a friend intervened and got a stomach stab. The innkeeper denies this: “I just wanted to chase the men away because they were laughing at me and I wanted to be left alone. I didn’t even notice anyone was hurt,” the 48-year-old said through tears. “And you need a knife for that?” asks the judge. “You can do good and evil with a knife. I mostly use it for cooking.” There will be a verdict on Friday.

Source: Krone


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