“Hut activists” – guests cling to the bar in Salzburg for beer


“Hut activists” – guests cling to the bar in Salzburg for beer

With “Whatsapp”, craft glue and a lot of humor, some restaurateurs in Salzburg’s Lungau are currently increasing their sales: They are focusing on the “last generation” climate stickers. And the guests join in.

Sticky climate activists divide minds, frighten commuters and lead to lively to derailed discussions. Whether online, at the regular table or at the office. In any case, one thing is certain: the Lungau does not have to groan under climate protectors clinging to the asphalt, neither on Katschbergstraße nor on the Tauern Pass. At least not yet. Even if you feel safe in the very south of Salzburg, from Zederhaus to Ramingstein, some local innkeepers have stated that this is a problem. Inspired by the climate commitment of the so-called “last generation” in the cloak of civil disobedience, they act as “hut activists”. Tenor: Stick it on the table in the tavern instead of on the street!

“I’d Rather Plant Trees”
Bernd Liebminger, who serves on the market square in St. Michael, was able to lure with a corresponding call. The topic of an unknown author has been circulating on social networks for days. “Some people came. I didn’t think that would work,” the host laughs as his guests are glued to a bar table. Liebminger pushes a tip towards the climate activists: “They should rather go to work or plant trees!”

Tavern glutkers were also active on the Katschberg, where climate change threatens ski tourism like everywhere else. Peter Aschbacher from the Gamskogelhütte says: “Life is difficult enough as it is, it needs humor. That’s why we can only support this action.”

Source: Krone


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