Posted nose photos – incomprehension for the expulsion of the Linz hospital doctor


Hardly anyone understands that the Linz Kepler Clinic (as reported) in the midst of the growing shortage of doctors literally throws out one of its ENT specialists overnight. And only because there was apparently a misunderstanding about the need for approval of before and after photos of nose surgery by the ENT doctor on his private Insta account. He had obtained the patient’s consent himself.

This lack of understanding stems from dozens of comments from “Krone” readers, and Federal Medical Association hospital physician representative Harald Mayer sums it up in a nutshell: “I am very surprised that you can afford it these days because of such formal banality – and that’s all, as described in the “Krone” – to get rid of a specialist. And where there is a shortage of doctors everywhere – there must be a source from which specialists pour out endlessly, “says Mayer.

Ejected person gets legal protection from chamber
Peter Niedermoser, president of Upper Austria State Medical Association refrains from evaluating the specific expulsion. However, the chief physician receives help from the chamber: “In principle, he receives support in the field of employment law, just like everyone else. In particular legal protection.” The works council responsible for MedCampus III also wants to contest the dismissal – see Instagram posting.

Layoffs rarely last
Niedermoser knows that layoffs like this don’t happen very often. Mayer also confirms this: “Here and there a doctor is fired without notice. These are usually more formal reasons – and funnily enough, most layoffs without notice are converted at the end of the day. operated by the remaining resident. Here, in this much more important matter, the chief physician and the health holding company have subsequently come to an amicable separation.

Kepler Clinic itself regrets the dismissal
Holding boss Franz Harnoncourt does not want to comment on the ongoing case “also for reasons of employment law”. A written statement from the Kepler Clinic stated without further details: “The clinic has not authorized the publication of patient photos. We regret having to take this step, especially in times of a challenging personnel situation.”

Source: Krone


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