Lula rules with half of Brazil against


The president has achieved majority party unity to overcome the onslaught, but he will have to run the country with a parliament dominated by the right

Half of Brazil knew that Lula da Silva’s victory in the presidential election would not be accepted by Jair Bolsonaro, let alone his far-right supporters. Medio Brasil expected vandalism to take place with the aim of annulling the results of the elections. On the day of Lula’s inauguration, Sunday, January 1, all security forces and special defense units supervised the act. Only eight days later, the conquest of the main powers in the capital Brasilia took place. With a parliament with a right-wing majority, with the threat of military friends of Bolsonaro, and with half the country against him, this is the Brazil that Lula must rule at the age of 77 and after having done so between 2003 and 2010. he can rule?? Will he be able to carry out the promised reconstruction? Is the happy Brazil the president always dreams of possible? Will Lula endure all this opposition? How will he rule? This is the Brazil of today. Nothing happy. Yes, instead seen with sadness and alive with fear in the body.

In the second round of the presidential election on October 29, Lula da Silva won the right to rule Brazil for the third time with 50.9% of the vote. His rival, Jair Bolsonaro, added 49.1%. Lula was voted by 60.3 million Brazilians. Bolsonaro, the then president, was supported by 58.1 million citizens. Lula represents the left. Bolsonaro, extreme right. The result made it clear that Brazil is split in two. Losers have not accepted defeat. They believe the election was a hoax and only live their truth. They believe that by blocking roads, setting up camps and marching to Brasilia to take over the state’s three main headquarters, in an attempt to overthrow the democratically elected president, they are fighting for the freedom of their country.

Lula was in power for eight days as thousands of Bolsonaro supporters arrived in buses to Brasilia to prepare for their ‘war’. They took the Planalto Palace, the seat of the presidency, the Congress and the Supreme Court. All of Brazil was warned that the Bolsonaristas were preparing something big. Future ministers in Lula’s cabinet had warned him. The outgoing president, acknowledging his opponent’s victory a few days ago, had justified the blockades and the camps as a form of protest accepted in any democratic country. And the crowd, dressed in the uniform of the Brazilian team, waving that flag that speaks of progress and order, entered the three venues, broke windows, destroyed equipment, shouted slogans against the president-elect and praised the outgoing president, and caused such chaos that could lead to a coup. The police commanders did not perform their duties properly. Many continued to look the other way, taking selfies, some even gave way to the protesters. Lula claims that even from the inside they were able to open the doors to the ‘terrorists’ whom he has also likened to ‘Nazis’.

The revolt lasted until five o’clock. The mob was dispersed and there were more than a thousand arrests, and the order to abolish the camps was immediately carried out. Lula guaranteed the arrest and punishment of the initiators of such an act. Of about 200 respondents, only 34 admitted to being financed by ‘farmers’, a very important sector in Brazil. A judge has already blocked 1.2 million euros in funds for those who financed the buses. One of them had a contract with the previous Bolsonaro government.

But the worst that the investigation into what happened on Sunday, January 8, has been able to uncover so far is that everything was planned in a draft found in the home of Anderson Torres, justice minister in the Bolsonaro administration. the United States As the former president. The draft, published last Friday by most Brazilian media, provided for an intervention in the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) to change the results of the elections and keep Jair Bolsonaro in power. The current Justice and Security Minister, Flávio Dino, has announced that he will seek Torres’ extradition if he does not appear in Brazil by January 16. It is a relevant document: “Mr. Anderson must, in the exercise of his right of defence, say where the document came from, who drafted it, under what circumstances and what his intentions were,” Dino said. At the same time, the names of 46 federal deputies have been released who defended or downplayed the act of terrorism last Sunday; 33 of them belong to Bolsonaro’s party.

With all this noise, Lula seems to have achieved the unity of the majority of parties to defend democracy, but in parliament he knows that the majority is right-wing. The president, leader of the PT (Workers’ Party), has announced a purge of the ministries of Bolsonaro’s most ill-fated supporters: “We have only been in government for 12 days, we have not even finished appointing the entire government. Few have been nominated so far, we do a thorough evaluation. The truth is that the palace was full of Bolsonaristas and the army and we want to replace them with professional officials, preferably civilians who were here and were transferred to another department to make it into a civilian cabinet, a presidency of the Republic with more courtesy than in the past four years. No one who is a root Bolsonaro can stay. Whoever voted for Bolsonaro and does his job honestly, why can’t he stay? I don’t want to build a PT palace,” said the president, no doubt hearing voices recommending that his government cannot make the mistake of continuing to trust Bolsonaro’s authorities.

However, there is an idea that the coup attempt has accentuated Bolsonaro’s isolation and that Lula has become stronger with the support of rulers and the international community. Another voice viewing the future of Lula’s government with optimism is that of Mark Mabius, one of the industry’s most qualified executives to invest in emerging markets. In an interview with ‘Folha de Sao Paulo’, he pointed out that “the War of Terror can unite Brazilians around Lula” and ensures that society’s response is positive and attractive to investors.

Source: La Verdad


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