New protest actions – Lützerath: Activists rappelling in wheelchairs


New protest actions – Lützerath: Activists rappelling in wheelchairs

In Lützerath, Germany, protests by climate activists against lignite mining continue after police clear the site. In the open pit mine of Hambach, about 20 kilometers away, a wheeled excavator was manned. It was spectacular at a highway bridge: because climate activists abseiled there in wheelchairs.

The excavator in the Rhineland lignite mining area has stopped working, an RWE spokesman said. There are a total of four people on the excavator.

According to the protest group “Counterattack – for the good life”, eight activists occupied the excavator. With the action you want to show solidarity with the people in the village of Lützerath. The group also criticized the police’s actions there and called for socialization of energy production.

More than four kilometers from Lützerath as the crow flies, climate activists also abseil from a highway bridge. According to a police spokesperson, two people were in wheelchairs.

Traffic on Autobahn 44 is currently moving, but there is no problem on the country road under the bridge.

Source: Krone


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