Frozen lines – minus 20 degrees: Already 70 cold deaths in Afghanistan


Extremely low temperatures down to minus 20 degrees have already cost the lives of 70 people this winter in Afghanistan. This was reported by the spokesperson for the national disaster response on Wednesday.

Afghan media had also reported on the deadly effects of the winter coupled with the prevailing economic crisis. According to the United Nations, the “bitter cold weather” has also claimed the lives of thousands of animals in many parts of the country.

Temperatures could drop even further
According to meteorologists, the temperature can drop even further in the coming days. Cold winters are not uncommon in Afghanistan, but temperatures are dropping particularly low this year. In the capital Kabul, temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees were reported on some days.

Heavy snowfall
Residents of the capital reported frozen water pipes. Heavy snowfall has blocked major roads in many places, the disaster response also reported.

Sanctions against the Taliban exacerbate the economic crisis
Then there is the prevailing economic crisis, exacerbated by sanctions against the militant Islamist Taliban. Many organizations also suspended their aid on the ground for several weeks after the Taliban banned Afghan women from working for aid organizations at the end of this year.

Extreme weather could pose even more problems for Afghanistan in the future, as the country is one of the countries most threatened by climate change.

Source: Krone


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