Mails as “scripts” – It’s getting tight: ORF-Lower Austria boss is coming to an end


Since January, former ORF journalist Gerhard Draxler, himself once director of the Styrian state studio, has been leading a delicate investigative committee. These are allegations against the head of the Lower Austrian state studio Robert Ziegler, as Erwin Proell is said to have operated a “System St. Pölten” in favor of the ÖVP. About 60 crown witnesses have come forward.

The result of the internal investigation may only be announced after the vote in Lower Austria. They did not want to provide campaign ammunition – too late: for example, the ten-page protocol of a former Ziegler confidant, who was defeated in the race for editor-in-chief in St. Pölten, leaked.

“Hanni can make him speak two or three times”
In it, the father of eight (58) is heavily burdened: “Abuse of power was the order of the day!” ÖVP critical contributions were rewritten or deleted, employees who were “off the line” were defamed. There is a climate of fear. Around Alois Mock’s death in 2017, Ziegler wrote the following instruction to the SPÖ-NÖ boss with a smiley emoji: “Schnabl line up behind the vpler” and said on another occasion: “Hanni can let her go two or three times to talk. “

In addition, there are other influence emails that read like a “script” for information programs or ÖVP reporting. An insider: “As a director of a state studio, that is no longer possible.” For a new boss, state governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner, who describes the affair “as an internal matter”, is again entitled to a hearing.

No comeback from Schrom as sports director of ORF
In the second sensitive personal matter for the ORF general, regarding the ex-TV editor-in-chief Matthias Schrom, who fell over political talks with then FPÖ boss Strache, there should be no quick comeback as sports director. Radio editor-in-chief Hannes Aigelsreiter is a favourite.

Source: Krone


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