Causa Teichtmeister – Chancellor calls for tougher punishments for child molesters


Chancellor Karl Nehammer also spoke on Wednesday in the child pornography scandal involving actor Florian Teichtmeister. He called for tougher sentences for child molesters and instructed the responsible ministers to sit down together to work out appropriate measures. “The criminal framework is ridiculous at the moment,” the ÖVP boss complained.

“Sanctions are an expression of the limits that society places on our coexistence. And when it comes to child abuse and sexual violence, we need stricter boundaries, stricter laws and therefore higher penalties, “says Nehammer. Austria’s range of punishments is currently ridiculously low, trivializing child molesters, he complained. That simply cannot and must not remain as it is, said the Chancellor.

‘Punishment framework shows imbalances in criminal justice’
“The low sentencing testifies to an imbalance in the criminal justice system that needs to be corrected. I have asked all relevant ministries to sit down together and work out catalogs of punishments and additional measures,” Nehammer said on Wednesday. As a father of a family, he would be astounded and concerned about the horrible and brutal acts that have become public again in recent days. have become.

In addition to higher sentences, clear language is also required: “It is trivial to talk about child pornography. This is child abuse and deserves no tolerance – especially not in words,” said Nehammer. The ÖVP has therefore already made concrete proposals for tightening sentences in talks with the coalition partner and will start the first negotiations, he explained.

Minister of Family Affairs calls for stricter sentences
Family Affairs Minister Susanne Raab (ÖVP) had previously made a similar statement. She also called for an increase in sentences, as in Germany. “The well-being of our children is what most deserves protection in our society. In Germany, possession of child pornography carries a prison sentence of up to five years, while in Germany it is a maximum of two years. In the case of distribution, that is ten years in prison in Germany and three in Austria.”

Interior Minister Gerhard Karner (ÖVP) also spoke out in favor of the case. “We must clearly state what is at stake: namely brutal child abuse! And that is a crime,” he said on Tuesday. His ministry points out that the current reform of the criminal justice system is aimed at intensifying the fight against such serious crimes that are spread through cyberspace.

Source: Krone


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