Wiener Linien – “Probation” for those released from masks


He is medically exempt from the obligation to wear a mask – but the Wiener Linien waives Werner H.’s fine only to a limited extent because he was found on the subway without an FFP2 mask.

Insight looks different: Wiener Linien insists that they have rightly punished Werner H. – he is exempt from the mask obligation by certificate – because he did not wear FFP2 mouth and nose protection in the subway. He could get his money back – but not for another year.

One year of probation
After a report from the “Krone” on the case and intervention of the AK, the Wiener Linien “exceptionally” agreed to an “offer”: “If Werner H. does not violate our conditions of carriage again within one year, we will give him the 50th euro back. If that happens, he won’t get the money back.”

Wiener accepts “offer”.
Werner H. will reluctantly accept this “offer”, but is very disappointed: “Wiener Linien behaves like demigods. If I could afford it, I would sue them for defamation.” Wiener Linien not only accused him of being a “criminal” but would “pay back the money only after a year as a patron,” the seriously ill annual cardholder complains.

Werner H. insists: During the check in December, he showed his card and was not asked for his certificate. Wiener Linien did not want to accept Werner H.’s offer to prove with video surveillance of the trains that the incident had happened in exactly the same way. It is said that the person who was exempt from the mask requirement was “checked without an FFP2 mask”.

Source: Krone


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