Prisoner declared innocent after 23 years of murder in Hawaii


After 23 years behind bars, a man in Hawaii has been declared innocent and released. Judge Peter Kubota lifted a life sentence against 51-year-old Albert Schweitzer for the 1991 kidnapping, rape and murder of a 23-year-old American tourist based on new evidence, Hawaii’s largest daily newspaper “Star Advertiser” reported Tuesday (local time). ). .

Previously, according to the report, Kubota spent more than seven hours listening to testimony from a DNA lab analyst and some forensic tape and bite mark experts at Hilo County Court on the Big Island. They explained that no piece of evidence connected Schweitzer or his two alleged accomplices, who were also convicted, to the crime.

New DNA analysis has exonerated Schweitzer and two other men
The DNA traces and semen found on a T-shirt that included the victim’s blood instead belonged to an “unidentified man,” as the “Star Advertiser” went on to write. DNA analysis technology has made significant progress since then, the judge said. “From the start, the DNA in this case provided strong evidence that these three men were innocent,” said Susan Friedman, an attorney with the nonprofit Innocence Project.

The judge encouraged the freedman to “pinch and love” his family and not focus on anger and resentment at the trial or the people who put him in prison for a third of his life

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