Injections with consequences – women in Vienna disfigured by the wrong doctor


Serious accusations against the operator of an alleged “beauty clinic” in the center of Vienna: because behind the facade of the beauty temple there was only smoke and mirrors. Among the victims were several women who hoped for a younger and more beautiful appearance through injections – because the treatments were not professionally carried out and the substances used were also illegal in some cases.

The arrest of the Germans, including a raid in the city center, took place at 10 a.m. on Tuesday morning. According to the police, the suspect was the manager of the beauty clinic and other companies, where the woman would have fraudulently enticed foreigners to invest in order to obtain a residence permit in Austria more easily.

The services offered would have caused 800,000 euros in damage. The suspect is suspected of serious commercial fraud, breach of trust and social security fraud. Various data carriers and cash have been seized.

hematomas and injuries
But that is not everything. Together with a family member, the approximately 40-year-old woman is said to have disfigured several women’s faces. She is suspected of having performed beauty treatments without proper training and approval. The victims received injections and unauthorized substances were also used. The customers then complained of severe hematomas and other facial injuries.

Police believe there are more victims. Victims are requested to report to the police.

Tips (also anonymous) are accepted under the telephone number 01/31310/DW33800.

Source: Krone


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