Strike causes problems – Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is sinking into the rubbish


The Croatian capital Zagreb is slowly sinking into the garbage: for the fourth day in a row, the garbage collection service is on strike and the mountains of garbage in the streets are getting bigger and bigger. The employees of the city cleaning service are demanding higher wages.

Negotiations between the cleaning workers’ union and the city council reached an agreement on Wednesday evening, but the strikers disagree with the result and do not accept it. There is no end to the strike yet.

Layoffs led to a strike
The strike, which falls outside the scope of Croatian law, came spontaneously after the cleaning service fired three garbage collectors who had not properly separated the waste.

The company has since withdrawn the layoffs. However, dissatisfaction with the poor working conditions and low wages prompted the workers to continue the strike.

The only exception to the strike is the waste management of hospitals, kindergartens, schools and retirement homes.

Source: Krone


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