The south is spared – first fog and sun, then winters again


Sun in the mountains, fog in the valley and a portion of snow at the start of the new week: this is how the weather will be in the coming days. However, the cold front arriving on Monday will spare the south, which has been ravaged by snow recently. No precipitation is expected here.

Ben Freitag according to the forecast of Geosphere Austria, the clouds will remain closed in many places, along the north side of the Alps and partly in the east it will snow again and again. In the south it will remain largely dry and the cloud cover will break open several times. It is the sunniest in East Tyrol. The morning temperatures reach minus nine to zero degrees, the maximum daytime temperatures only minus three to plus three degrees.

The sun also shows itself Saturday only extremely rarely. It snows occasionally, especially in the northern part of the Alps. However, large amounts of fresh snow are not to be expected. South of the main ridge it is sunnier, especially in East Tyrol and Carinthia, also in Vorarlberg and North Tyrol a few hours of sunshine should be possible. The morning temperatures are minus nine to minus one degree, the maximum daytime temperatures are minus three to plus two degrees.

The presents itself sunnier than the previous one Sunday. The high fog layer over the eastern lowlands should also gradually clear from the west during the day. In Burgenland and in the southern Viennese basin, dense fog with precipitation is expected to continue until the evening. Depending on the degree of cloudiness and the wind, the early temperatures rise to minus eleven to zero degrees, the maximum daytime temperatures to minus four to plus six degrees.

At the start of the work week Assembly A cold front reaches the north and west of Austria with snowfall and some raindrops in the lowlands. In the northern areas between Vorarlberg and the Mostviertel it snows continuously and heavily. There is no precipitation in the south and southeast. The early temperatures reach values ​​​​between minus eleven in the valleys of East Tyrol and plus two degrees, with wind in the eastern lowlands, the daily maximum temperatures from one to six degrees.

Ben Tuesday with the exception of the stagnant areas in the north, precipitation temporarily decreases before another disturbance approaches from the west with snowfall and freezing rain below 500 meters. There is no precipitation in the south. Depending on the wind, early temperatures are between minus seven and plus three degrees, and maximum daily temperatures are plus eight degrees in the southern parts of the foehn.

Source: Krone


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