Air raid sirens in Ukraine – attacks with drones and hypersonic missiles


A day after the West promised to supply tanks to Ukraine, Russia launched massive missile attacks on its neighbour. According to the Ukrainian authorities, there was a whole wave of rocket attacks on large parts of the country in the middle of the morning rush hour. A hypersonic missile would have been used.

The Russian armed forces had already been attacked with drones on Thursday evening. Which Ukrainian According to the military, 24 drones were destroyed. Russia had unsuccessfully tried to attack regions in central Ukraine and Kiev in particular, the military command said.

55-year-old man killed in Kiev
Several regional governments warned of rocket attacks on Thursday morning and called on the population to seek protection. People poured into metro stations in Kiev. About 15 missiles were intercepted by anti-aircraft fire over the capital alone, authorities said. Loud explosions were heard in two districts of Kiev.

Fragments of an intercepted missile allegedly killed a 55-year-old man. Two other people were injured, Mayor Vitali Klitschko said on Telegram. An impact crater was supposedly seen in photographs in an eastern part of the city of three million people. There were also reports of a violent explosion in the capital. The authorities called on people to take the air raid alarm seriously.

Critical infrastructure affected
In the regions of Odessa and Vinnytsia, there were reports of hits on objects of important infrastructure. In the southern Ukrainian port city of Odessa, two critical infrastructure facilities have been damaged by Russian attacks, the military government said on Telegram. There are problems with power and water supply, it said.

On Thursday, 47 of Russia’s 55 missiles were shot down, the commander-in-chief said Ukrainian armed forces, Valery Zalushny, according to Reuters with. Moscow used, among other things, a hypersonic missile Kh-47 Kinschal, Saluschny said on Telegram.

Source: Krone


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