Abuse invented – lying construction: mother stole 170,000 euros


Damage in the six-figure range, shocking lies, deceit, fraud and a little boy in the middle: a 38-year-old has deceived authorities for years, and this with an incredible story. She pretended that her then four-year-old son had been sexually assaulted by a counselor. Although proceedings were discontinued, the woman managed to extort about 170,000 euros in social benefits from the government.

The story the woman made up leaves you speechless: in November 2010 she accused a paramedic of the Arbeitersamaritanbund of sexually abusing her then four-year-old son. To substantiate this trumped-up accusation, she tried to get a 15-year-old Caritas student on her side and get the girl to make a false statement. However, the youngster refused.

Proceedings were initially initiated, but there was no evidence, traces or injuries to support the allegations. It was subsequently discontinued in February 2011.

Care allowance applied for for “damaged son”.
But that didn’t stop the Lower Austrian: she applied for a care allowance from the pension insurer – and pretended that the son was traumatized and damaged by the abuse. She explained that the boy was incontinent, would not eat, was in pain and could not leave the house alone. She gave this reason for eight medical assessments, even stating in 2021 that the boy – now 15 years old – needed help washing and dressing and being taken to school. The truth was very different – because the boy was very active, played football in a club, went to school normally.

In total, the mother of three children stole at least 170,000 euros over the years. She also gave false information about her living conditions, hiding that she earned money from tutoring and lived with the father of her children. She did not even give the actual place of residence, but a different registration address.

complaint and court hearing
During the investigation, the detectives found out about the fraudster, inquired about the woman and came across numerous inconsistencies. A report was filed with the Public Prosecution Service. The 38-year-old was already in court. She was earlier this year
sentenced to 24 months imprisonment, of which six months unconditional, for serious commercial fraud and defamation.

Source: Krone


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