Two meters in between – avalanche from Kartitsch: the dead lay next to the rescued


Another tragic detail of Wednesday’s Kartitsch avalanche accident in East Tyrol, which killed a 28-year-old local tourer, has now become known. There were only a few meters between life and death.

East Tyrolean Alpine police officer Klaus Hanser confirmed the suspicion that the deceased ski tourer was only two to three meters next to the second victim, who was quickly located by his comrades thanks to the safety equipment and excavated practically unharmed.

No avalanche transceiver – localization not possible
The ski tourer, on the other hand, was not found by searchers until four hours later. Because he was not wearing an avalanche transceiver, the emergency services were unable to locate him despite the proximity of the other victim. “It is not known who caused the deadly avalanche,” emphasizes Hanser.

life and death side by side
Avalanche beacon, shovel, probe, possibly also the airbag – this is what the basic safety equipment of a touring motorcycle looks like. And that’s what mountain rescue and all the experts preach. Most adhere to this safety ABC – most!

Anyone who still believes to be protected from avalanches without beeps and the like should be informed of the tragedy of the Kartitsch accident. There was only about two meters between life and death – and a missing avalanche transceiver. Because the two buried subjects were only so far apart. But thanks to safety equipment, only one could be located and rescued. The search for the 28-year-old who eventually died took hours because he was not wearing a beep. As a reminder, after being buried for 15 minutes, the chances of survival decrease rapidly. Life and death were extremely close together in Kartitsch.

This is not intended as an accusation against the unfortunate dead, but as a kind reminder to other mountaineers for the upcoming tour weekend.

Source: Krone


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