Jubilee of death – art treasure: estate “Staberl” in the best setting


The local inspection in St. Pölten gave an in-depth insight into the art collection of the legendary “Krone” columnist, which he bequeathed to the state of Lower Austria.

His passion for collecting was the art of the Biedermeier period and his great love for the Alt family of painters came first. One of the first works was – in addition to a painting by Friedrich Gauermann – a watercolor by Rudolf Alt,” says Lower Austrian cultural director Hermann Dikowitsch and curator Wolfgang Krug, who carefully guard the art treasures of Richard Nimmerrichter, who will one day come to the country will be left behind.

Apparently, this reverence for the “Staberl” estate during a tour for the publishing house “Krone” Dr. Christoph Dichand in this section of the State Collections Depot in St. Pölten. Reason for the local inspection: February 6 marks the anniversary of “Staberl’s” first death, “We honor these 181 works of Austrian art between 1815 and 1848 – by Thomas Ender, Albert Schindler and many other masters.

“They are also a valuable enrichment for us,” said the governor of Lower Austria, Johanna Mikl-Leitner, in the interview with “Krone”. Particularly moving: Nimmerrichter, whose connection to Lower Austria was his mother’s birthplace in Pitten, wanted to use the donation to ensure that it would be made accessible to as many people as possible.

Bon mot about the “horses at the trough” (1827/32): “Staberl” needed it and acquired it as proof that a cow was hidden in every picture by Friedrich Gauermann. He was not fundamentally right about that, but in this case he was – grazing in the background, painted small, a herd…

Source: Krone


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