Fine up to 1400 euros – Have climate glues not paid a penny yet?


The Last Generation protests have been causing a stir for a year now. The reaction of the population ranges from total rejection to approval. According to a spokesperson, no activist has been asked to pay. However, a lawyer representing individual participants replies: “The fines have already been paid.”

A spokesman for the environmental organization says that all fines and payment requests, and there are quite a few, have been challenged in court. The final decisions of the court are still pending. However, a lawyer representing individual activists disagrees: “Individual fines have already been paid. These are law-abiding citizens.”

Some members of the last generation see it differently and would rather go to jail than pay, like media figurehead Martha Krumpeck – we reported.

Individual fines up to 1400 euros
Anyone picking on the street will be fined by the authorities. Repeatedly, this increases and for some activists it already amounts to 1,400 euros per act (according to the said lawyer, who does not want to be named). However, the amount can be reduced on objection.

In addition, there are operational costs for the police. The deployment of a police helicopter at the distribution center alone cost 6,000 euros. Last year there were also attacks of color on works of art in museums. The originals remained intact because they were protected by safety glass. But walls and floors, including window frames, have taken a hit. Of course repairs and cleaning cost money.

What are the activists asking for? 100 km/h on the autobahn and no new permits for gas and oil drilling in Austria. They want to keep going until they reach their goal.

Source: Krone


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