Woman lying in the snow – Styrian couple saved drunk people from the cold


A 34-year-old goes out drunk in the freezing cold and lays down. Two Styrians are there at the last minute. These are the saviors in the dead of winter.

Taking a break in the snow – especially when it’s below zero and when you’re drunk – can be life-threatening. A 34-year-old woman in Murau failed to notice that she was in such a predicament and apparently lay down by the roadside on her way home from a local visit.

Woman had two guardian angels
Her luck: she has two guardian angels that night. “We were just in the right place at the right time on January 21,” says Robert Weilharter modestly. The 48-year-old farmer and his 50-year-old partner Patrizia Podmenik are returning from rehearsals at the Musikverein just around 3 a.m. when they suddenly notice a person in the field next to Marbachweg in Sankt Lorenzen ob Murau.

“I immediately braked to keep an eye on things,” says Weilharter. The 34-year-old lay helpless in the middle of the snow, barely moving. “Her limbs were very stiff, her eyes were tight.”

Even brought 34-year-olds to the rescue station
Then everything goes very quickly. One thing is clear to the farmer and the teacher: “Packing them in the car and taking them to the rescue station yourself seemed right at the moment. Otherwise it would all have taken too long.” A decision that saved the woman’s life. “According to the police, with a body temperature of 28 degrees, it would not have ended well half an hour later.”

Source: Krone


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