Pythons crash through the ceiling while mating


A family in Malaysia heard noises in their bedroom ceiling at night and thought it was a monkey up to mischief. To their surprise, the troublemaker turned out to be two mating giant pythons. Finally, in an attempt to catch them, the reptiles plummeted through the ceiling.

When the family first heard strange noises above their heads on Saturday morning, they thought nothing of it and continued to sleep. The next morning, however, the daughter noticed a crack in her ceiling – some brickwork had also crumbled on her bed. When she was finally cleaning her mattress, she heard a loud noise – the ceiling had partially collapsed, exposing a huge snake.

The Malaysian Ministry of Civil Defense was eventually called for help, but officers struggled to pull the hose down. When another part of the ceiling finally broke, it was clear why: under the roof, not one python, but two were mating.

The daughter is completely traumatized after the incident because she saw the incident with her own eyes and even developed a fever. The largest of the snakes weighed no less than 32 kilograms and was five meters long, the smaller one weighed 25 kilograms and was four meters long.

Source: Krone


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