Macron thinks Europe should talk to Putin and be involved in a ceasefire


In an interview on France Inter radio, the current French president has opted for negotiations related to the war in Ukraine because “deciding on an escalation of the conflict” could lead to “a new world war”.

The current President of France, Emmanuel Macronassured this Friday that Europe must continue to talk to the Russian president, Vladimir Putinand should be involved in the preparation and negotiation of a stop the fire in Ukraine.

This was explained in an interview on Radio France Inter, which also warned that Europe should be attentively so that the moment there is a ceasefire, “the negotiators or guarantors are not the Turkish president, the Chinese or others.”

Macron has spoken to Putin countless times since the start of the war, but none in the past month Today, however, he does not rule out doing it again, “because we must not give up”, especially “if lives can be saved or the situation can be improved”.

The outgoing French president, who is awaiting his re-election in the second round of the presidential elections next Sunday, has acknowledged that Putin made “some humanitarian gestures” at the start of the war, but “has been unsuccessful for several weeks”.

However, he stressed that his conversations with the Kremlin head have “always been”. demandingand has “never” offered concessions or compromises.

He has also shown great caution against those seeking an exclusively military solution to the war by defeating Russia on the battlefield, because “decisions on an escalation of the conflict would mean starting a new world war

In this sense, Macron has pointed out that arms supplies to Ukraine are made from the “non-co-warfare” and that they helped that country resist the Russian invasion. He has also acknowledged that France does not have the heavy weapons, such as tanks and fighter jets, that Kiev has asked for.

Source: EITB


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