Dramatic rescue – gas leak in the basement: man seriously injured


A woman from Eberndorf found her husband lying on the floor in the basement. However, due to exhaust fumes, she had to leave the room again. The fire brigade rushed to help.

The 57-year-old started an emergency power generator in the basement of an apartment building in Eberndorf on Saturday because he wanted to test it for an upcoming assignment. “Of course he underestimated the effect of the exhaust fumes in the small basement room and did not leave a window open,” the police said. The man was dazed by the exhaust fumes and fell to the ground. His wife found him in the basement and alerted the emergency services. “Because of the exhaust fumes, she had to leave the cellar immediately and she could not save her husband.”

Firefighters rushed to the rescue
The emergency generator was no longer running at that time. According to the police, it may have started due to a lack of oxygen. The FF Eberndorf and Gablern were able to open the cellar door with breathing apparatus and rescue the wounded. “After receiving first aid from an emergency doctor, he had to be taken by ambulance to the Klagenfurt clinic with suspected severe smoke inhalation.

Source: Krone


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