Situation stable for now? – Seventh child due to measles in clinic Graz


Another child was hospitalized with measles in Graz. The situation is stable for the time being, it remains at 20 cases.

The warnings and quick measures should have worked, at least for now: After the number of measles cases rose to 20 at the beginning of the week, the Graz health department reported no further cases on Tuesday. On Friday, the first two siblings were sick, after which the number increased rapidly.

Another child admitted to the children’s hospital
On Monday, 27 people were stung again at the Graz vaccination center. A number of them have been informed about contact tracing, according to municipal spokesman Robert Krotzer. Because an outbreak can still be prevented up to 72 hours after contact, which means that seven children have not been spared.

You are stationary at the Graz Children’s Hospital – from Sunday to Monday a young patient joined. “One in four sick people ends up in hospital,” says CEO Ernst Eber. One in five even has to deal with complications such as pneumonia or encephalitis. High-risk groups, such as newborns, are particularly at risk.

Since measles is highly contagious, sick people can be excluded from kindergarten, school or work for up to 21 days, according to information from the Ministry of Health. Vaccination is still free in the Graz health department, now again with prior notice.

Also vaccinate state medical directors and general practitioners
After the city of Graz, the state medical directorate also invited people to a free Ash Wednesday vaccination session from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the state vaccination center at the House of Health (Friedrichgasse 9, 8010 Graz, note). “People without measles vaccination are especially invited to accept this additional offer,” the statement said on Tuesday Styria. Vaccination card and an FFP2 mask must be brought. In addition, the Styrian paediatricians and general practitioners would also carry out the measles vaccination and be available for further information and advice, it was emphasized.

Source: Krone


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