Croatia: Basking shark filmed off Pula


In Croatia, marine biologists have made a remarkable recording. A basking shark was filmed off the resort town of Pula. The filmed shark can be up to twelve meters long and weigh five tons.

The scientists took the photos on Thursday during a morning boat trip. The marine biologist Danijela Mioković was able to film the basking shark, the researchers of the Pula Aquarium report on Facebook.

Harmless to humans
After the whale shark, the basking shark, scientifically named Cetorhinus maximus, is the second largest fish in the oceans. It feeds on plankton, so it is harmless to humans. The shark glides through the sea with its mouth wide open, filtering its food from the water.

When fully grown, the basking sharks weigh up to five tons and can grow up to 12 meters in length. It is found in almost all seas and prefers cold to moderately warm waters. A basking shark was last seen in Croatia’s Kvarner Bay in March 2022, one of fewer than 40 encounters with the endangered animal.

Source: Krone


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