The twelve points of China’s proposal for a “political solution” to the war in Ukraine


Respect for “the sovereignty of all countries” and “their territorial integrity”; abandoning the “cold war mentality”; a ceasefire and a call for “moderation” and the start of peace talks are some of the points.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China published a document this Friday outlining its “position for a political solution to the crisis in Ukraine”, summarized in twelve points:

1- Respect for “the sovereignty of all countries” and “their territorial integrity”.

2- Abandoning the “cold war mentality” and respecting countries’ “legitimate security concerns”, something Beijing has repeated since the beginning of the invasion, referring to Russia.

3- A ceasefire and a call for “restraint” to “prevent the situation from getting out of hand”.

4- The start of peace talks, as “dialogue and negotiation are the only viable way out to resolve the crisis,” according to the State Department.

5- The solution of the humanitarian crisis, “effectively protecting the security of civilians” and “establishing humanitarian corridors for their evacuation from war zones.”

6- Support for the “exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine” and the cessation of “attacks on civilian facilities”.

7- Protection of the safety of nuclear power plants and an end to “armed attacks against nuclear power plants”.

8- “Strategic risk reduction”, emphasizing that “nuclear war must not and cannot be fought”.

9- The guarantee of grain exports, in which the United Nations “should play an important role”, according to the ministry.

10- The end of “unilateral sanctions” for “failing to solve problems, and may even create new ones,” said Beijing, which has opposed sanctions against Moscow since the war began.

eleven- The protection of the stability of industrial and supply chains, including a call to all parties to oppose the politicization and instrumentalization of the global economy.

12- Support for Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction, something China is willing to “help with”.

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Source: EITB


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