At “Race of Hope” – bomb attack in Cameroon: Several injured!


Dozens of extreme athletes and spectators of a mountain run have been injured in an attack in Cameroon in central Africa. Three explosive devices exploded on the route of the Mount Cameroon Race of Hope in the southwestern city of Buea minutes after the start on Saturday morning. According to the local hospital, 19 injured athletes were treated.

The governor of the Southwest region spoke of 17 injured spectators. In the run-up, the participants must climb 3,000 vertical meters to the top of Cameroon’s 4,095-meter mountain.

English-speaking separatists fighting violently to secede from French-speaking Cameroon say they carried out the attack. The target was the army of Cameroon. The majority of the state’s approximately 23 million residents speak French, with only a minority near the border with Nigeria speaking English and have long felt disadvantaged.

The conflict between Cameroon and the separatists, who want to establish the state of Ambazonia in the west of the country, has been escalating since 2017. According to the UN, more than 3,500 people have died in the conflict. Cameroon’s government has killed more than a dozen separatists in recent weeks. The militias, for their part, claimed to have killed dozens of soldiers.

Source: Krone


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