Chivite confirms that the provincial police have already recognized its capacity to perform the traffic functions


During the institutional act of Foral Police Day, the President of the Government of Navarre praised the officers of this police force and thanked them for their work.

Euskaraz irakurri: Foruzaingoak jada frogatu du Trafiko lanak egiteko gaitasuna, Chiviteren esanetan

The President of the Government of Navarre, María Chivitewho presided over the institutional act of Foral Police Day this Saturday, has assured that this police force has already proven its ability to perform the exclusive functions of traffic regulation in the Foral community.

In his speech at this event he referred to work by transfer the competence of Traffic and Road Safety: “There is political will and heavy technical work that I am sure will bear fruit. It will of course be another milestone to be reached and which will give further impetus to the development of the Provincial Police” .

“The provincial police force is a community and you make a community. And so it is our commitment as a government to continue to support the growth, development and skills of the police force,” said the president, who praised “the talent, the capabilities and skills of the agentscommitted to this public service which is as important to society as public safety”.

Chivite thanked and commended the officers for their work and vindicated the provincial police as “a reference book for residents of Navarrean example of a public service, but it is also an example of an institution that promotes values ​​such as equality, digitalisation, innovation or sustainability and contributes to territorial cohesion”.

To the deed, which took place in the Navarre ArenaThe Speaker of the Parliament of Navarra, Unai Hualde; the government representative in Navarra, José Luis Arasti; the first vice president and minister for the presidency, equality, public functions and home affairs, Javier Remírez; the Director General of the Interior, Amparo López; and the Chief of Police of Foral, Juan Carlos Zapico; among other authorities.

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Source: EITB


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