That’s behind it – Thunberg suddenly demonstrated against wind farms


Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg demonstrated in Oslo against a Norwegian wind farm that, according to a verdict, violates the rights of indigenous peoples. Thunberg and dozens of other activists blocked the entrance to the Norwegian Ministry of Finance on Tuesday and partially chained themselves, NTB news agency reports.

Police officers rallied against the sit-in and said they led protesters away. The activists had already blocked the Ministry of Energy on Monday.

Court: Wind farm violates rights of indigenous peoples in the region
The protests are against a wind farm on the Fosen peninsula on the west coast of Norway. According to NTB, the country’s highest court ruled in October 2021 that the wind farm violates the rights of the region’s indigenous peoples – the Sami.

Reindeer herders live in the affected areas
Many reindeer herders live in the affected area. However, as nothing has reportedly happened since then and more than 500 days have now passed, the activists are calling on the government to remove the wind farm.

Thunberg told Norwegian broadcaster NRK that she was not protesting against green energy, but against violations of the rights of indigenous peoples. “It is completely absurd that this is happening and it seems that the Norwegian state is ignoring it,” said the Swede. Thunberg sees the conflict as a case of “green colonialism”. Climate protection should not be carried out on the backs of these groups, but should be done honestly and fairly.

Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre told the broadcaster that a political solution is being worked on and that the concerns of local reindeer herders in particular are being taken very seriously.

Source: Krone


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