Demos again on Friday – climate activists ready: “Tomorrow is too late”


“Tomorrow is too late” is the motto this Friday at the twelfth climate demo in Austria. The activists also want to use the global climate strike “Fridays For Future” to call for the “criminalization” of the protests. It does not matter in what form the commitment to the climate takes place: “Ultimately, it does not matter whether we litigate, stick together or go on strike”.

The main reason for the protest, which will take place in Vienna, Linz, Graz and six other locations, is the lack of a climate protection law for two years – meaning no climate targets have been set for Austria for 790 days.

There will be another strike on Friday as political representatives around the world will fail to take ambitious climate protection measures to meet the 1.5 degree limit, a Greenpeace statement said.

“Despite the escalating climate and energy crisis, the Austrian federal government is insufficiently delivering on its climate protection commitments. Greenpeace demands that politicians free themselves from the clutches of the fossil lobbies and finally give climate protection the necessary priority,” said Jasmin Duregger, the NGO’s climate and energy expert in Austria.

In view of government policy, climate activist Klara König spoke of “radically twiddling the thumbs” and repeated, among other things, the call for a greenhouse gas target with constitutional status and the four other targets that have been worked out by the climate organization. plebiscite 2020. “The story of climate neutrality by 2040 is an empty promise with no legal basis,” says König. Instead, Austria continues to fuel the climate crisis every day, while the government sells us “every ecological project” as a milestone in climate policy.

Instead, the right actions would still be missing, “but the right time to act was 30 years ago,” König said. On Saturday, March 10, there is still hope for Vienna’s favorites when Chancellor Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) will deliver his “Speech on the Future of the Nation” from the top floor of the Twin Tower.

Source: Krone


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