When the brothel entered – attacked two tobacconists with toy guns


In January, a 20-year-old terrified two tobacconists in Vienna. At gunpoint, he demanded money from the store. Unknown to the two women, it was a toy gun. But it’s still a robbery!

The young man faces a judge for the fourth time. Burglary, theft and fraud are on his criminal record. Judge Alexandra Skrdla is also no stranger to him. Just two years ago, she sentenced him to a suspended sentence.

Theft to pay off drug debt
Now he has to face her again in the Viennese court. For an attempted robbery and a completed robbery. “I didn’t know any way to pay my debts,” said the dejected defendant. So he says he didn’t know what to do other than rob tobacconists.

His first stop was a Müller branch: “He didn’t buy a toy gun there, but of course stole it,” the prosecutor describes the course of the crime. Then he went to the nearest tobacconist, took out the wrong gun and demanded money. The only attempt was made as the employee fled screaming into the store’s office.

First to the brothel and then to the police
“That doesn’t scare him off, but he drives straight to the nearest cigar shop,” said the prosecutor. In a panic, the cashier handed him 1,200 euros. With which he paid his debts to drug dealers after a short meal break at McDonalds. After visiting the brothel, he turned himself in to the police.

The public prosecutor demands that a “tangible punishment” be demanded for this. According to Alexandra Skrdla, that should be two years in prison and the revocation of the outstanding 13-month suspended sentence for previous convictions. The verdict is not final.

Source: Krone


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