Visiting Moscow – Assad wants permanent presence of Russian troops


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would welcome a greater presence of Russian troops in his country. If Russia wants to build more military bases with more personnel in Syria, that would be good, Assad said in an interview with the Russian news agency RIA on Thursday. He spoke out in favor of permanent stationing. “Russian military presence – in any country – must not be temporary.”

If Russia is interested, it will be for technical or logistical reasons, the Syrian ruler said. Assad visited Moscow and met Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday. In the Syrian civil war, Russia has been supporting Assad since 2015 and helping him stay in office. Another ally is Iran.

Assad supports Russia in the war in Ukraine
Assad thanked Putin for his help during the civil war and after the devastating earthquakes in the Syrian-Turkish border region in early February. According to the Russian presidential office, Assad said he was on Russia’s side in the war against Ukraine. “Since this is my first visit since the start of the special military operation in Ukraine, I want to reiterate Syria’s support for this special operation,” Assad said. In an interview with RIA, Assad said that Syria recognizes regions annexed by Russia as Russian. “These are Russian territories. And even if it hadn’t been for the war, historically these are Russian territories.”

Source: Krone


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