Surgical robots that accurately obey the surgeon’s hands


Over the years, robots that were invented in science fiction movies and space programs a few years ago can also be found in hospitals to assist surgeons. Operation with the help of a robot Expands the possibilities of conventional surgery and at the same time changes the look of medicine.

They are well aware of this at Ray Juan Carlos University Hospital, a center with new diagnostic and therapeutic systems at the forefront that has a Da Vinci surgical robot installed to perform interventions in the surgical block with minimal aggression.

Robots, accompanying the surgeon to another operating room

Advances in surgical robotic technology have led to the articulation of instruments that reflect hand, precision, and three-dimensional vision. Something that the Da Vinci system suggests that translates real-time surgeon’s hand movements into robot arms.

Tiny instruments move like a human hand, but with a wider range of motion. The size allows surgeons to operate on one or more small incisions. In addition, the system offers high-resolution 3D high-resolution views of the surgical site.

The Da Vinci system is a noticeable improvement over conventional laparoscopy because the ergonomic design allows it to work from a comfortable position. Comfortable and seated, With eyes and hands placed with the instruments. To move them, the surgeon simply moves his hands.

The robot repeats the surgeon’s movements accurately, stably and without tremor during surgery, offering an enlarged and clear view of the patient’s interior and providing greater safety when treating anatomical areas where it is difficult to access.

Because the surgery is done with a small incision rather than an open incision, there is much less bleeding than with traditional surgical procedures. Thus, the system allows the surgeon to use surgical instruments that are too small for a human finger.

The specialties you enjoy the most from Da Vinci

By 2021, Ray Juan Carlos University Hospital had performed more than 300 surgeries, 36% more than in 2020, especially in specialties such as Chest surgery 53 intervention in 2021 Gynecology (62), Otorhinolaryngology (13), General surgery of the digestive system (51) and Urology (161).

This intense activity was enhanced by two new techniques: transperitoneal inguinal lymphadenectomy for penile cancer and selective sentinel node biopsy for cervical cancer.

Patients with robotic equipment in the operating room benefit from less invasive procedures and a faster way of recovery, especially Chest tumors (lung cancer) and mediastinal tumorsAs Dr. Ignacio Muguruza, Head of Chest Surgery at the hospital, explains, “Lung and mediastinal tumors are treated safely and thoroughly with Da Vinci, the precision and brilliant vision his instruments give us. . ”

In the most difficult cases, the mastery of this robotic technique and the “collaboration between different surgeons allow us to deal with more complex cases,” admits the expert.

In the field of gynecology, first of all, the clinical conditions in which the Da Vinci robot is most used Endometrial carcinoma, cervical and ovarian cancer In the early stages, as well as colposacropexy, myomectomy and endometriosis, among others. In this case, postoperative complications are very rare.

In general, the benefits compared to laparoscopy are numerous, as acknowledged by Dr. Charo Noguero, Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Ray Juan Carlos Hospital, including early discharge after intervention, faster recovery, and less postoperative pain.

Also for Dr. José Granell, Associate Head of the Otorhinolaryngology Service at Mostoleño Hospital, robotic surgery has made it possible to treat a “significant percentage of patients”, many of them avoiding all sorts of consequences.

In the case of general and digestive surgery, Da Vinci “facilitates dissection Tumors of the rectum“Especially in low-grade cancers, in male patients, in obese patients who have received previous radiotherapy,” admits Dr. David Alias, Head of General Surgery and Digestive System Services. But when it comes to emphasizing treatment, he Esophageal tumors Is one of the most distinctive.

And if we can talk about a specialty in which Da Vinci is particularly effective, it is UrologyAs shown by the radical prostatectomy procedure for prostate cancer. Because robotics in this field provides more personalized, less invasive and more accurate treatments. Studies published in European Urology show that prostate cancer patients who have undergone robotic surgery may need fewer additional cancer treatments, such as radiation, than those who undergo open surgery.

Source: El Diario


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