So you will have to calculate an early retirement


If you think Application for early retirement To meet the prerequisites, you need to know how much retirement money you will have left before you retire. For this you will need to do some calculations that will allow you to know exactly what Subsidizing You will be paid from the moment you decide to say goodbye to your work.

ᲒI want to know How to calculate an early pension? Well, then we will tell you what to consider when performing mathematical calculations, which will allow you to know how much money you will receive after retiring early.

How to calculate an early pension

The process will be the same Voluntary early retirement That for Compulsory early retirement. The only difference will be that in case of forced early retirement the reduction coefficients used by the social protection will be lower. Otherwise, the calculation will be exactly the same.

Calculate the regulatory base

From this 2022, a 25-year contribution will be provided before the causal date, ie from the date of termination of employment. In this case, it will be 300 month installments.

If there is a certain period without contributions, the first 48 monthly payments without contributions will be integrated with 100% of the minimum contribution base. The rest will be integrated with 50% of the minimum base.

Coefficients used on a regulatory basis

Before applying the coefficients at an early retirement age, certain coefficients should be used according to the years of contributions accumulated during the working period. This will make it possible to understand what a theoretical retirement pension will be, ie one that corresponds to the normal retirement age.

In this case, with a 15-year contribution, you will be entitled to 50% of the regulatory base, and to receive 100% of the pension, you must enter at least 36 years in 2022.

Use of early retirement reduction rates

Given the usual retirement data, it should be subject to monthly reduction rates in anticipation of retirement age. It will depend on the number of months of retirement and the period of accumulated contributions:

  • Less than 38 years and 6 months: Retiring early in this case means a reduction in the pension from 21% to 3.26%.
  • Over 38 years and over 6 months: Maximum reduction will be 19% and minimum 3.11%.
  • Over 41 years and over 6 months: The reduction rate will be from 17% to 2.96%.
  • Over 44 years and over 6 months: They will have a reduction of 13% to 2.81%.

Source: El Diario


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