Goodies stay – Austrian pork scraps go around the world


We eat over 70 pounds of pork per capita and mouth every year! The best stilts, namely those of the world famous Wiener Schweizerhaus, included! As Hannes Royer, president of “Land creates life”, now “bone as a bone” points out, this culinary “Schnitzel” requirement could theoretically be easily covered by local sows.

Because the local breeders produce more than is consumed in Austria, namely 471,000 tons. But the practice is different. Because large parts of our pink “grunts” are exported. And that to China, South Korea and Hong Kong. Animal rights activists will now feel anything but comfortable. Because in return, 170,000 tons from foreign torturous breeding enter the country and – without looking at the origin – on our plate.

Economical reasons
On the one hand this has economic reasons (because imported meat is cheaper), on the other hand it also has to do with eating habits. Because especially thick pieces or even ears, trunks and feet (a real delicacy in Asia) are rejected by the consumer and are therefore no longer offered in the food trade.

Butchers of the good old kind, who are also trained for it, still use everything from the pig. In this regard, the leaders of the farmers’ association, Georg Strasser and Paul Nemecek, once again call for food to be bought from local stables: “It doesn’t have to be logs.”

Our organic chickens can really feel good
Animal welfare and the climate-friendly origin are also important for chicken and turkey. “Land create life” reminds of this on World Poultry Day. Especially since Austria sets the highest standards for poultry farming.

Royer: “In Austria, broilers have more space than in any other country. The turkeys are just as generous.” Organic farming expert Wilfried Oschischnig and Four-leg activist Elisabeth Penz advocate “super comfortable” organic farming: “Every ‘clucker’ here must have at least eight square meters of room to move, with cat litter in the stable, scratching areas, nests and perches.”

Source: Krone


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